Fuse Box or Consumer Unit Replacement Cost

Upgrade to the latest electrical safety standards by fitting a new consumer unit

Why you may need to upgrade your electrical fuse box or consumer unit

Installation a new fusebox with a latest circuit breaker technology will protect you against electric shock, your property against fire, and secure your electronic equipment against voltage surges.

Old rewirable fuse box

There are obvious reasons to upgrade your old type of electrical fuse box to a new consumer unit. Faraday Engineering`s highly experienced electricians and professional engineers can do a free initial survey to explain to you in terms of compliance with electrical regulations. Some of the conditions that you may need to plan a fuse box replacement are as follows.

  • A fuse box without extra space to add a new circuit
  • Nuisance tripping RCDs fuse box to upgrade to RCBOs
  • Unable to reset old type rewireable when it trips.
  • Decrease the risk of electric fire with a new type of RCD fuse box
  • Increase electrical safety with the latest technology RCD/SPD fuse box
  • Making an alternation in your house such as a loft conversion
  • An old fashion wood fuse box upgrade to a metal fuse box
  • The fuse box has asbestos flash guards
  • Buying a new house with an old type of fuse box
  • The rented house resulted in unsatisfactory EICR because of the fusebox.
  • Faulty discontinuous Circuit Breaker within an old fuse box

We do provide electrical installation condition report to find out the condition of your fuse box and electrical installation and do repairs to your RCD tripping fault in your house in an urgent electrical call out.  Call our fusebox repair electrician in London at 07544800166 today to get a report on your electrical installation conditions including your electrical fuse box. Book an electrical engineer to get your free consumer unit replacement quote.Our london prices

Old Style Fuse Box May Need To Replacing

Rewireable Fuse Box

Wylex Rewireable fuse box was produced between 1960 to 1985

Ceramic Rewireable Fuse Box

Ceramic rewireable was common before 1950s

Cartridge Fuse Box

Cartridge Fuses were common between 1950s to 1980s

Discontinuous Circuit Breaker Fuse Box

Crabtree C50 MCB was produced around the 1960s

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What Type of Consumer Unit You Need to Choose

Main Switch Consumer Unit

Main Switch Consumer Unit

Changing your old style fuse box to the main switch consumer unit is a better option.

Our highly experienced local electricians are able to choose best custom latest technology circuit breakers for you.

Main switch home fuse box or commercial distribution board allows to install invidual RCBOs, AFDDs, MCBs which provides the best invidual electrical circuit protection for your property.

Dual RCD Consumer Unit

Dual RCD Consumer Unit with SPD

Dual RCD consumer unit is a popular ugrade option for residential fusebox replacment in the London, Essex and Hertfordshire. This new typer electrical fuse box provides total electrical safety protection for your family and house.

RCD (Residual Current Device ) and SPD (Surge Protection Device) are esential part of our consumer unit installation in order to provide you the best electrical safety.

High Integrity Consumer Unit replacement of old type fuse box

High Integrity Consumer Unit

High integrity fuse box is able to provide extra space for special circuits such as garden power supply, and EV charging. Also, it provides flexible installation of MCB, RCD, RCBO, and SPD.

Faraday Engineering Limited provides you with a free fuse box upgrade quotation to upgrade your old type fuse box to RCD and SPD consumer unit. Call us on our 24 hour helpline at 07544800166

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Fuse Box and Electrical Consumer Unit Replacement Cost

Square D old fuse box

The fuse box or electrical consumer unit replacement cost to install a new consumer unit depends on a number of factors.

  • The type of electrical consumer unit and fuse box needs to be installed
  • Location of property
  • Gas and water pipes’ protective earth bondings are needed.
  • Electrical faults
  • Initial electrical inspection and testing (EICR) costs
  • Remedial works are needed in order to bring the electrical installation to BS7671 electrical safety standards.

The average fuse box or electrical consumer unit replacement cost including labour and material is from £400.00 to £650.00.

Any electrical remedial works that must be done will be added to the overall cost of the fuse box upgrade. This includes RCD tripping faults, missing earthing bonding to gas and water pipes, and broken electrical sockets and switches…

The best way of finding the cost of electrical consumer replacement is to talk to one of our qualified London electricians and get a free electrical fuse box upgrade quote.

We are NICEIC Approved electrical contractor and  a registered electrician company to government competent person schema a mandatory requirement of building regulations Part P

We respond fast to your fuse box replacement electrician near me calls. Contact us for a free consumer unit replacement FREE quote and FREE surveys today.

Benefits of Replacing Your Fuse Box

Fitting a new fuse box or consumer unit ensures your electrics are safe and up to regulations.

Replacing old rewireable fuses with new type MCBs (Minature Circuit Breakers) saves your time and costs.

New fuse box installation provides electric shock protection and prevents potential electric fires and protects your electronic appliances from voltage surges.

Having installation of RCDs or RCBOs protects against electrocution by immediately RCD tripping, and cutting off the power to the appliances

Your newly fitted fuse box turns off only faulty circuits other than whole house electricity.

We do provide NICEIC certificate and notify the local building controls following new domestic electrical consumer unit installation. Our best electrical services in Waltham Cross ensure to protect your family and property by fully testing the newly fitted consumer unit and your electrical installation.

Skeleton Fuse box in a metal cabinet

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find an electrician to replace a fuse box ?

You can find a qualified electrician in Competent Person Register or search in NICEIC website (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) for approved electrical contractor who are competent electricians to do your new consumer unit installation.

Can I replace a fuse box myself?

No, you can not do it, the replacement of the consumer unit is notifying electrical work to the local building control in domestic properties so you need a competent electrician who is registered to NICEIC to do work for you and certify according to wiring regulations BS7671. A building control compliance certificate has to be issued according to building regulations Part P.  Contact us for a free consultation.

Do gas and water pipes need to protective earth bondings?

Protective earth bonding between Main Earth Terminal and gas/water pipes is mandatory. It is a requirement of Wiring Regulations BS7671 and Building Regulations Part P. The earth bonding connection between Main Earth Terminal and gas/water pipes is a part of electrical safety to minimize the magnitude of touch voltages.

How long does it take an electrician to replace a fuse box?

The duration of fuse box installation depends on various factors. Such as the installation location of the fuse box, number of electrical circuits, electric faults in the electrical installations, and type of wiring system. On average, the time take to install a fuse box is between 4 to 6 hours. Any additional work could increase the consumer unit installation timing such as extending cables or relocating the fuse box etc.

Are plastic fuse boxes legal?

Yes, plastic fuse boxes are completely legal to use unless your plastic fuse box is damaged dangerously or insufficient, No need to replace or record an observation or recommendations on an electrical installation condition report as far as it is not in the escape route or under wooden stairs in domestic installations.

Does my fuse box or electrical consumer unit need replacing?

It is time to upgrade, If you need to install new circuits but all circuit breakers are in use. It is seriously damaged and unsafe. Unable to bring individual circuit protection up to electrical safety standards following the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

When it the best time to replace a fuse box?

The answer is not straightforward. if you buy a house with old wiring and an old style fuse box it is a good time to rewire with the fuse box upgrade. Unable to upgrade individual circuit protection in a fuse box in rented property may need fuse box replacement. If your installation is over ten years you may replace your installation to provide the latest technology circuit protection for your family and property.

How much does it cost to move a fuse box in London ?

Installation of an appropriate junction box with wire extension is needed. Some location requires painting and decorating in addition to fuse installation and relocation costs. The cost to relocate a fuse board is average between £400 to £650.

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