Electric Cooker, Oven and Hob Installation in London

Do you need an electric cooker, hob or oven installation electrician nearby?

Faraday Engineering`s qualified electricians offer electric hobs, electric cookers, and electric oven installation professionally in London, Essex, and Hertfordshire. Our expert electricians are the best oven, hob, and cooker installers nearby.

Our electrical engineers have all the tools to do electric cooker, electric oven installation, and our cooker installation technician fast responsive to your cooker installation electrician near me inquiries in London.

Freestanding electric cooker Installer near me or electric cooker installation electrician near we do responde fast

Electric Cooker Installation

Our experienced electrical engineer do install your electric cooker, electric oven, and electric hob safely.

Our cooker installation electrician in London provides you with the best cooker fitting service according to the manufacturer’s safety and installation instructions within the producer’s warranty.

✔ Electric cooker connections 

Electric cooker connections require an electrician to do according to the instruction manual such as fuse rating, cooker power required, and supply cable csa.

✔ Electric cooker installation service in london

Electric cooker installation service from a local cooker installer near to you. New cooker installation may need a new electrical circuit. Our NICEIC electrician can help you.

✔ Electric cooker dismantling and removing

If you want to remove your old faulty cooker and install a new model electric cooker then we can do it for you as a cooker installation electrician

✔ Freestanding electric cooker installer near you

Freestanding electric cooker requires a external flex cable to be connected to the cooker outlet. Faraday Engineering cooker installation electrician keeps cooker cable in the van stock. Our electrical engineer install your new electric cooker with the cable is required from his van stock.

Contact us for your new cooker installation for a free quote at 07544800166

Electric cooker power, and electric hob power require higher current than a lot of other electrical appliances as they need to create a lot of heat it is for this reason that an electric cooker and an electric hob must be installed by a qualified electrician to assess the current requires for the electric cooker supply circuit and fuse/ circuit breaker is suitable for it, and should only be undertaken by a qualified electricians who have trained in cooker installations in London, UK. We do respond fast to your electric cooker electrician me, electric oven electrician near me, and electric hob electrician near me requests and provide you with free advice about cooker outlet wiring and electric cooker supply fuse rating whether is enough to your new electric cooker or not. Book an electric cooker installation electrician in London, Essex and Hertfordshire

Electric Cooker Switch

Electric Cooker Installation Switch

Cooker Connection Point

Electric cooker installation outlet, 45 Amp

Cooker Switch & Socket

Electric Cooker Installation Switch and electric socket

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Electric Oven Installation Service London

Professional electric oven installation electrician in London. Our highly experienced built-in oven installation electrician will install your oven safely and according to BS7671 Wiring Regulations in the kitchen. Faraday Engineering Limited`s NICEIC registered electric oven electrician will disconnect and remove your old electric oven safely, and install your built-in oven securely according to manufacturer instructions to comply warranty of the electric oven.

The electric oven comes with a 13A UK plug or without wiring, you need a qualified electrician to check the power requirement, existing wiring, and fuse / MCB ampere rating. If you do not have an existing oven circuit you may need a new oven electric circuit from the fuse box as over 2000 W requires its own electric circuit. We will upgrade your oven’s electric circuit for a powerful electric oven. Call us at 07544800166 for a free quote or installation today.

We do provide the best electric oven installation service electrician near you.

Get an immediate electric oven installation electrician today in North London, East London, West London, Central London, Waltham Cross, Enfield, Barnet, Islington, Chingford, and more places… Keep in touch

Electric Oven Installation service and Electric hob installation electrician in London
Electric Hob Installation electrician in London

Electric Hob Installer Nearby

If you are looking for a professional electric hob installation service, our NICEIC-qualified electric hob installation electrician can install it today.

Induction hobs produce high-frequency electromagnets to generate heat meanwhile, electric hobs produce heat by running an electric current through elements located underneath the ceramic glass surface. If you are looking for an induction hob installation electrician we are ready to do installation of your new induction hob in London, Essex, and Hertfordshire. Contact us

Our NICEIC-approved hob installation electricians are fast responsive to your electric hob installation electrician near me inquiries in North London, Enfield, Barnet, and Islington.

Our electric hob installer will follow the manufacturer`s instructions and BS7671 wiring regulations requirements. We do recommend that the user read the electric hob instruction manual before operating the electric hob for safety reasons.

Feel free to call us at 07544800166 for further questions and help in London, Hertfordshire, and Essex, or send us a WhatsApp text message today.

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Cost of electric cooker, electic hob and electric oven installation

Electric Cooker Installations Cost

The cost of electric cooker installation depends on several factors. These include the type of appliances that you choose; electric cooker, electric hob, or electric oven, fuse/MCB ampere rating, existing cooker wiring, or new cooker circuit installation requirements. Once, the above points are defined, let us know to provide you with a free quotation.

The cost of each electric cooker, electric hob, or electric oven depends on the duration of installation and additional materials used to connect to the existing cooker circuit is between £60 to £150. If there is no cooker circuit then a new cooker circuit needs to be installed. Our experienced cooker installation electrician provides you with a free quote to install your new electric hob or electric oven safely. Providing an electric cooker connection cable 6.0mm2  and disconnection of the old cooker is about £45.00 in addition to the installation cost.

Get a free quote to install an electric cooker, electric hob/induction hob, or electric oven today. Book a cooker installation electrician today

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an electrician to install an electric hob?

We do recommend a qualified electrician to do the installation for you. Electric cookers and electric ovens consume a high amount of current and require larger cables and a higher rating of circuit breaker. NICEIC-approved electricians resolve any overload or electric safety issues in your electric cooker installation.

Can I connect electric hob and electric oven to same outlet or circuit ?

If total power of electric oven and electric cooker is under cooker supply circuit rating then you can connect with suitable connection cable which comply rating of circuit MCB/Circuit breaker.

Otherwise it is likely to be overload. Contact our experienced cooker installation electrician at 07544800166 for free quote.

Can I connect my electric oven to electric socket ?

  • If your electric oven power is under 2000 Watts you can connect any electric socket in the kitchen
  • If you have dedicated oven circuit with 16 Amp / 20 Amp / 32Amp, you can connect your electric oven up to 3000 W with a plug and socket or over 3000 W electric oven rating with apprioprate cable and oven connection unit.

What do I do ? If I want to replace gas cooker with standing electric cooker

You should have a dedicated cooker supply circuit and your new electric cooker power (Watts or Amps) rating should be under the cooker supply circuit fuse rating.

If you do not have an electric cooker supply circuit we can install it for you. Book a cooker installation engineer

How long does it take to install an electric cooker ?

Replacing the old electric cooker with your new electric cooker takes the electrician about an hour normally but on some occasions, it may take longer.

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