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Light dimmer switches are the best choice if you want to adjust light fitting brightness to create a comfortable ambience and reduce money for electricity bills. Our qualified electricians could help you choose the right dimmer switch or replace your old type dimmer with new LED compatible dimmer switches. We provide the best dimmer switch installation service in London and surrounding areas. Faraday Engineering is a professional dimmer switch fitting electrician company in London.

Need to replace your old fashioned light pull switch or want to repair an electric shower ceiling switch string, we are the best electrician in London to replace your bathroom pull cord switch or power shower ceiling cord switch with a neon indicator. Call us at 07544800166 and get your light pull cord installation today.

LED 2 gang Dimmer Switch

Electrician near me to replace a dimmer switch

We do install, replace, and repair your dimmer switch according to your needs. All Light dimmers function differently such as

  • Leading edge dimmer switches
  • Trailing edge dimmer switches
  • Pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimmers

There are different load types for light dimmer switches such as dimmable LEDs, mains halogen lamps, incandescent lights, and electronic transformers.

Call our light dimmer switch repair electrician service in London at 07544800166 or contact us on Whatsapp.

It is time to replace or repair old dimmer switch

If you get a loud buzzing noise from the dimmer switch, the dimmer light dimmer switch humming sound,  are unable to dim the light fitting, start to flicker following the lamp replacement, or are unable to turn on and turn off the light fitting. The dimmer light switch may need to be replaced or repaired.

Light Dimmer Switch

LED Dimmer Switches

We can choose the best LED dimmer switch for your LED lighting. LED lights require a different dimming switch as old dimmer switches are not compatible with LED lighting anymore. LED strip lights dimmer problem solves by our qualified electricians.

Multiway Dimmer Switches

Multiway Dimmer Switches

Multi location LED dimmer switches are the best technology to dim lighting in multi way switches. Adding a new dimmer switch is possible with multi dimmer switches. The multiway dimmer switch can replace a normal light switch

App Controlled Light Dimmer switches

Remote Activated Dimmer Switches

Smart dimmer switches including WiFi dimmer switches, Alexa controlled dimmer switches, google home controlled dimmer switches, Shelly wall dimmers, wireless dimmer light switches, varilight dimmers, hamilton smart dimmers

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Multi location dimmer switch installation service nearby

It is possible to install multi location dimmer light switches with advanced dimming technology. There are special dimmer light switch modules to dim LED lights,  Multi way light dimming can be achieved in stairs lighting, Living room dimmer switches or in the dining room with multi gang dimmer light switch plates.

If your lights are too bright and if you are looking for a solution. Faraday Engineering Limited is a highly experienced electrician can help you to install a silent dimmer switch to reduce light level to a comfortable level.

We can provide you with multi location dimmer switch service in London such as replacing a faulty light dimmer switch or installing a new LED light fitting dimmer switch to comply with your lighting level requirements.

Get an immediate free quote for multiway dimmer switch installation service near me requests in East London, West London, Central London, Waltham Cross, Enfield, Barnet, Walthamstow, and more places… Keep in touch

Multi gang dimmer switch
Silver Bathroom light pull cord switch

Bathroom pull cord switch replacement london

We can make your bathroom light pull cord switch work if you can not turn on or off your bathroom light, if your bath pull switch string was broken, or if it is hard to pull the switch rope to turn on the bathroom light. We do install bathroom rope switches, replace your shower pull cord light, or repair your fan isolator pull switch.

If your bathroom lights too bright for you we can install a dimmer pull cord light switch for you. A bathroom dimmer pull cord switch can adjust the amount of light is needed in the shower room.

The cost of replacing the bathroom pull cord switch depends on location, type of switch and wiring condition. Installation of a pull switch to the bath stars as much as £90.00.  Call our qualified electrician for a pull switch replacement in London at 07544800166 on day or night on call out.

Electric shower pull cord switch repairs

The shower safety pull cord isolator switch is located inside the bathroom. Faraday Engineering NICEIC qualified electrician can replace your faulty shower pull switch. If your shower pull cord switch with light string is broken It needs to be replaced with the same power rated ceiling pull switch. Shower ceiling pull switch electrician in London, Hertfordshire and Essex.

The cost of replacing the electric shower ceiling pull cord switch is about £120.00 in London, Call our emergency electrician service in London for immediate power shower ceiling pull switch repair or replacement in 24 hours at 07544800166 alternatively send us a WhatsApp message for further inquiries

Shower Pull Cord Switch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dim my bathroom`s LED light ?

Yes, you can. You need a dimmable light pull cord switch for that. If you need help choosing the right ceiling pull cord switch we can help you. Call us at 07544800166

Is it possible to dim a light fitting by installation dimmer switches in multi loactions ?

Yes, it is possible with advanced dimming switch technology, Not all dimmer switches can dim a ligth fitting in multiway. Different wiring connection and smart dimmer switch may be required. Our experienced technician can help you if you want to find out more.

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