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Bathroom and kitchen air ventilations reduce consendation, prevent mould, and improve air quality.

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Air ventilation is essential in bathrooms, kitchens,s and utility rooms. If you need to install a bathroom extractor fan or replace a kitchen hood extractor fan, extractor fans are explained underneath. Our extractor fan installation electricians are fast response to your fan installer near me requests in London, Essex, and Hertfordshire.

Bahroom Extractor Fan

Bathroom Extractor Fan Installation

There are obvious reasons for fitting an extractor fan into a bathroom. Excessive moisture creates mould and dampness. If you have damp and mould in your home you could get respiratory problems, it also affects the immune system. Faraday Engineering`s highly experienced electrician can do a free initial survey to fitting an extractor fan into your bathroom and to fixing toilet extractor fan in london.

Having a hot shower or bath, a high level of humidity and moisture is produced in the bathroom. Hot water steam can result in the paint peeling off, developing fungal growth, rusted fixtures and deformed doors, and black dots on the ceiling.

We could fix your broken bathroom extractor fan or upgrade your existing bathroom fan to a higher extracting capacity of m3/h. Fitting a powerful shower fan will extract steam fast and reduce moisture in your bathroom and solve your bathroom’s poor ventilation and poor air quality problems.

Call our fan installer in London at 07544800166 today to get a free quote for a humidity extractor fan with a timer. Faraday Engineering Limited provided the best bathroom extractor fan installation electrician near me in North London.

Kitchen Extractor Fan Installation

Fitting a kitchen extractor fan or cooker hood extractor fan prevents window condensation and cooking smells.  Having a fitted kitchen extractor fan or hood extractor fan removes cooking moisture, heat, grease, and odour. Our professional fan fitters help you to choose the right ventilation fan to prevent mold and smell issues in the kitchen.

We do replace and fix your broken extractor fan as following

  • Cooker hood extractor fans
  • Windows extractor fans
  • Wall extractor fans
  • Ceiling extractor fans
  • Continuous running extractor fans
  • Timer extractor fans
  • Humidistat extractor fans
  • Dual Speed extractor fans
  • Pullcord extractor fans

Installation of a kitchen extractor fan bathroom prevents the growth of mildew and mould in the kitchen. We highly suggest kitchen fan installation in order to prevent condensation, moisture build up, and clean air in the kitchen.

Our experienced electrical technicians are able to attend to your cooker hood fitters near me and kitchen extractor fan installation near me calls in enfield, barnet, north london, and east london.

Kitchen extractor window`s fan

Common Types of Extractor Fans

Axial Extractor Fans

 An axial extractor fan rotates airflow axially. The axial extractor fan force airflow is in the same direction from the inlet to the outlet.  The axial extractor fan creates low pressure with a high volume of air. Manrose brand 4 inch axial extractor fan produces 75m3/h or 21 L/s

Centrifugal Extractor Fans

 A centrifugal extractor fan moves airflow radially. The direction of air changes about 90 degrees from incoming airflow to output airflow.  A centrifugal extractor fan  creates higher airflow pressure and it consumes higher power. Manrose brand 4 inch centrigual extractor fan produces 110m3/h or 31 L/s

Inline Extractor Fans

 Inline extractor fans are powerfull and they are good for high moisture areas such as shower rooms. Inline extractor fans are instlled to a loft or an roof space that`s why low noise is achieved in the bathrooms or shower rooms. Inline extractor fan moves airlow axially from bahrom ceiling with duction to the external fan grill. Manrose brand 4 inch inline extractor fan produces 245m3/h or 68 L/s

Hood Extractor Fans

 Inline Hood extractor fans are over cooker hood with multispeed and light extractor fans. There are wall mounted hood extractor fans, Island ceiling hood extractor fans, Canopy hood extractor fans, Bosh brand 90cm hood extractor fan produces 429m3/h or 120 L/s

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Bathroom Extractor Fan Features You Need to Choose

Bathroom Extractor Fan with timer

Extractor Fan With Timer

The bathroom extractor fan with a timer function runs for a certain amount of time, after you have turned off the bathroom pull cord switch or bathroom light switch. In this way, the bathroom timer fan continues to ventilate air for the fan`s adjusted time period. A timer extractor fan is an intermittent extractor fan that works on and off.

Bathroom extractor fan timer could be adjusted from 20 seconds to 20 minutes or our electrician can set your extractor fan to work with a light switch on/off only,  Building regulation Part F states at least 15 minutes after the room is vacated.

Manrose Remote Humidistat Sensor

Humidity Extractor Fan

A humidistat extractor fan is useful if you have a heavy condensation or mould and mildew growth issue in your bathroom or kitchen. Humidity fan has got following combination of fan control besides the humidity sensor; motion sensor, timer, pull cord activation, and dual speed fan control.

We are able to adjust your humidistat and timer fan for an optimum value according to your need. Our professional fan installer visit you for a free survey and provide you with the best humidity fan control option for you. Call us today for a free quote at 07544800166

Continous running extractor fan

Continuous Running Extractor Fan

Continuous running extractor fans extract intensive moistured air from the bathroom at a low rate without stopping. Constant running fans consume less power than intermittent timer extractor fans. In this way, they reduce electricity usage.

Constant trickle extractor fan low speed rate boosts by a pull cord, timer, or a humidity sensor to a higher extractor speed. Continuous running extractor fan creates better indoor air quality.

If you have a bad smell in the bathroom or utility room we can help to improve air quality. Contact us for our fan installation london service today

Extra Low Voltage Bathroom Fan

Low Voltage Extractor Fans

Low voltage extractor fans require to protect people from electric shock in areas with the presence of water such as bathrooms, wet rooms, and shower rooms. Bathroom low voltage fan with timer, 12v fan with humidistat, and extra low voltage bathroom fan with pull cord exist.

12V Extractor Fans consist of SELV (separated extra low voltage) transformer and IPX4 rated water ingress protected extra low voltage fan. A fan is installed in the bathroom zone 1 and zone 2. SELV transformer and power sources are installed outside the zoning area or outside of the bathroom.

Faraday Engineering Limited provides you with a free quote and a free survey.  Call us on our 24 hour helpline at 07544800166 in north london, central london.

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Extractor Fan Installation and Replacement Costs in London

Kitchen cooker hood extractor fan replacement

The replacement of a bathroom extractor fan cost and installation of a new kitchen extractor fan depends on a number of factors.

  • The replacement of existing extractor fan only
  • Repair of extractor fan
  • Fitting a complete new extractor fan installation
  • Type of extractor fan, with timer, with humidistat or pullcord
  • Size of a fan, 4 inch bath fan or 6 inch kitchen fan
  • Quality of extractor fan, warranty, noise, flow rates, backdraft shutter, features
  • BS7671 electrical safety standards.
  • Extractor fan location, ceiling fan, wall fan, windows fan, hood extractor fan, loft inline extractor fan, 
  • Type of wiring and installation method, PVC trunking, bury cable to a wall

The average extractor fan replacement electrician rate starts from £80 to £150 per hour. To change an extractor fan average takes from 1 hour to 3 hours. If it is a new installation It may take a day.

On average, the cost of replacing an extractor fan in london is between £120 and £350. A new fan installation’s average cost is between £250 and £600.

The best way of finding the cost of extractor fan installation is to talk to one of our qualified London electricians and get a free extractor fan fitting quote nearby.

If you are looking for an urgent electrician to fit your bathroom or kitchen extractor fan near me, our extractor fan specialist electricians can help you by installing a powerful shower fan or repairing your kitchen cooker hood fan.

We respond fast to your bathroom extractor electrician near me calls. Contact us for your bathroom fan repair today.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Extractor Fan

Bathroom and kitchen extractor fans regulate the house`s air ventilation systems. They remove excessive moisture, stubborn odours, and heat. Otherwise, that would deteriorate the bathrooms’ air quality, and create mould growth on the ceiling.

Noisy bathroom extractor fans

Fans run loudly with back droughts, it may need backdraught shutter installation. Besides this, over the years clogged fans and older fan bearing increases extractor fan noise. It is time to install a silent bathroom extractor fan.

Stuffy bathrooms

If you have mould growth, paint deterioration, and wood rot in the bathroom, it is time to install a powerful extractor fan or replace the fan with a modern extractor fan with a timer and humidistat.

Faulty extractor fans

If the fan smell burning when it is running, broken extractor fan vent cover, a damaged fan body, a humming noise from a fan, or the back draught mechanism does not work. It is time to contact our professional fan installer in london.

If your over 10 years fan is due to be replaced, our fan installation electrician take the job from you. Contact us today at 07544800166. You may send us a message related to your extractor fan problem and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Blocked airflow bathroom extractor fan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a timer extractor fan in my bathroom ?

It is recommended to leave on your extractor fan after you left from the bathroom for a certain time in order to improve your air quality.  You are able to adjust the timer between  20 seconds to 20 minutes.

How long should the extractor fan run after I left bathroom?

Building regulations part F requires, In a room with no openable window, an intermittent extract fan should be provided with controls which continue to operate the fan for at least 15 minutes after the room is vacated.

What is an optimal humidity level in the bathroom ?

It is recommended 50 – 70 % Relative humidity at 23° C. in bathrooms. Naturally, humidity levels in the bathrooms are slightly higher and can even increase further during showering. This is not a problem, as long as such increased levels are not permanent.

Is there silent extractor fan for bathrooms?

Yes, there is. The average extract fan operates at 35 dB(A) (decibel). There are silent extractor fans for the bathroom as low as 12 dB(A) (decibel). Dual speed fan works in silent and boost operation levels. Our expert extractor fan installer finds out the best extractor fan which fits your need.

What size extractor fan do I need for my kitchen?

A 6 inch (150mm) wall or ceiling extractor fan is recommended for the kitchen. Dual running extractor fans, humidistat extractors, and timer extractor fans are popular in the kitchen.

Why does my bathroom fan not turn off?

It may be a continuous running extractor fan, the humidity sensor is not adjusted to the correct value, or the wiring connection may be wrong. Call us to get it right for you

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