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Faraday Engineering`s qualified electricians are here to install your motion sensor security light fitting. Our electrical technicians are highly experienced in outdoor security lighting and are 24 hours emergency electricians to repair your lighting fault in london, essex and hertfordhire.

Outdoor Security Light Fitting

Outdoor Security Light Fittings

Security motion sensor lighting stops intruders, inform you to pay attention and helps you to walk around your house safely in the darkness. Outdoor security lights are an important part of your house`s security system and your safety.

We provide you a professional outdoor motion security light fitting replacement and security flood lighting installation service including

✔ Motion sensor lights
Electric sensor fixture
LED security lights
Sensor porch lights
PIR Light fittings
Garden security light fittings
Outdoor flood lighting
And more!

We could supply and fit the exterior flood security light fitting on the same day or if you have a garden security light fitting call our local electrician service to install it today.

We do respond fast to your outdoor light fitting electrician near me requests and provide you with free advice about electrical wiring to be installed from an existing power socket or an existing indoor light fitting. If you want to install a security lighting system for a safer home, you need to hire a local professional outdoor light installer. Outdoor light switch installation and repair service from a local electrician in London

We do fit waterproof (IP44) dusk till dawn sensor bulkhead wall lights to your front garden porch. It means you do not have to worry about switching the front garden security light. Outdoor photocell bulkhead light fitting turn on in the dark and turn off at sunrise.

Modern decorative security light fittings are not only deterring burglars but also contributing to your back or front garden lighting art and your night view comforts.

LED Flood Security Light

LED Flood Security light with PIR

Outdoor Bulkhead Light with Photocell

Outdoor IP44 Dusk-Till-Dawn-Sensor Bulkhead Light

Outdoor Wall Security Light / LED

Outdoor Wall PIR Light Fitting

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Outdoor Flood Light with Camera Recording

Flood light security camera with motion alert and recording is a necessary part of your home security system. We do install the best floodlight with security camera and WiFi as an outdoor lighting installer nearby to you. These are a few best brands we do install to provide you safe house environment. Ring floodlight camera hardwired, Ring spotlight camera with battery WiFi, Timeguard LED Pro PIR & Camera, Pyronix light camera WiFi security light, Eufy floodlight camera wired.

If you would like to replace your old halogen flood light with new LED security cam light and possibly the best  outdoor security light WiFi recording fitting, we are the right electrician to help you at that point. Even we could sort it out your WiFi security light connection and setup problems as an WiFi installer in London

Get an immediate smart floodlight with motion sensor installer today in North London, East London, West London, Central London, Waltham Cross, Enfield, Barnet, Islington, Chingford, and more places… Keep in touch

Ring Flood Cam Pro
Outdoor Halogen Flood Light

Outside Security Lighting Cost

The cost of security light installation depends on a number of factors. These include the type of light fitting you choose, the location where the light fitting is installed, and whether is a replacement of an existing outdoor fixture or a completely new wiring and security fitting installation. Once, the above factors are decided, let us know to provide you with an absolutely free quotation.

The cost of each light fitting is vary greatly and it depends on features and wattage. The price of a few of them are outdoor LED solar floodlight with PIR is £50.00, outdoor security light fitting with motion sensor is £30.00, and Ring Floodlight cam is £180.00. While installation cost for the replacement starts from 80.00, on the other hand, new installation of outdoor flood light with PIR is between £250.00 to £500.00 pounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate security light with my home security alarm system ?

Yes, you can. There are a number of Intruder alarm systems in the market which is integrated with outdoor security light camera. We do suggest you to check security light camera compatibility with your home security system. Ring security system works with all Ring outdoor light cameras. Contact us for further information

Why does security light stay on at all times ?

The security lighting motion sensor has got adjustment buttons on it, day/night, timing, and sensitivity. These settings might be wrong. Some outdoor security light fittings have got override features such as turning on/of in 3 seconds to take the PIR fitting into continuous light on mode. Or the flood security light with motion sensor is faulty. Call us to do an investigation at 07544800166

How to choose outdoor security ligthing ?

There are a variety of security lights to choose from. It depends on your requirements. If you need to turn on/off with a light switch, an outdoor flood light fixture works for you. If you are required an automatically turn on/off, you could buy a security light with a PIR motion sensor including day/night and staying on timing adjustment. If you want to control via a mobile app, you can install a modern security light camera with WiFi. If you need free help call us at 07544800166 or drop us a Whatsapp message today.

Is LED security light fitting better than halogen security flood light ?

Yes, It is. LED flood light is likely to use 80% less electricity than halogen outdoor security light, LED lamps are lasting longer when compared with halogen bulbs. Halogen light bulbs are banned gradually to cutting emissions and saving consumers on their energy bills by the UK government. Find out more about the banning of halogen bulbs.

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