Electrical Safety Checks Guide for Landlords

Mandatory electrical safety checks for rented properties from July 2020

The Government has introduced legislative requirements from 1st June 2020 for Landlords in the Private Rented Sector in England.

This will require Landlords to have electrical safety certificates for all new tenancies from 1st July 2020 and for all existing tenancies from 1st April 2021.

The landlord could get a penalty of up to £30 000 by local authorities if they do not obey new electrical safety regulations starts. Some Electrical Safety Check FAQs are answered underneath. Get your Electrical Safety Certificate or EICR certificate in london today

What do the new electrical safety regulations requiring ?

Electrical Safety Certificate and Law

The Official Housing and local community government website include the following information.

  • Landlord makes sure standards for electrical safety are met. Which are set out in the 18th edition of the wiring regulations
  • A qualified and competent person must inspect and test the electrical installation every 5 years
  • A landlord must check an electrical inspector and tester is a “competent person” to provide an electrical safety report.

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What should Landlords do when they get the Electrical Safety Certificate ?

Landlord must;

  • Hand over a copy of the report to the existing tenancy within 28 days of inspection and testing
  • Hand over a copy of the electrical safety report or eicr certificate to a new legal occupier before the tenancy starts.
  • Hand over the copy of the report to the local authority within 7 days of the submitted request for the report.
  • Keep a copy of the report in order to provide a competent person who carries out inspection and testing.
  • Remedial works must be completed within 28 days If there are remedial works stated in the report.
  • Hand over registered electrician written confirmation that remedial works completed to the legal occupier and local authority in 28 days

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You may get penalty if you are late

Where do you find a “competent person” to prepare an electrical safety certificate ?

An electrical inspector and tester must be a member of the competent person scheme which is officially created by the government.

A member of scheme is fully qualified, insured, experienced, who has an updated certification for the current edition of wiring regulations.

Faraday Engineering Limited is part of the competent person scheme and PRS registered electrician near to you. We are legally authorized to carry out inspection and testing, prepare an Electrical Installation Condition Report or as commonly known EICR in london, to do installations and remedial works.

Registered Competent Person Electrical

What will the inspection identify?

Overloaded electric socket and plug got fire

The purpose of inspection will find out if:

  • Any overloaded circuit in the electrical installation
  • There is a risk of electric shock and fire in the house`s electrical installation
  • There is an exposed wire and damaged insulation in the fixed electrical installation
  • Inadequate earthing and bonding
  • Fuse box safety conditions

Fixed electrical installation, sockets, light fittings, consumer unit, and included permanently connected equipment like shower, and extractor fan will be inspected and tested.

The regulations do not include electrical appliances such as cookers, fridges, ovens.., However, It is advised to a landlord to regularly carry out Portable Appliance Testing, which is known as PAT, on any electrical appliances that are part of the tenancy agreement. This will be a good practice to prevent any potential risks and to keep under record as any appliances electrical safety that you provide to a tenant. We could do your EICR certificate and Electrical Safety Checks in london asap.

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What is an electrical safety report ?

An electrical safety report is usually an electrical installation condition report or as known EICR certificate from a competent person who carried out inspection and testing. The report explains the outcomes of inspection and remedial works are required. Also, It shows whether the installation satisfactory for continued use or unsatisfactory for continued use.

Following classification codes show where a landlord must commence remedial work

  • C1 (Code 1): Danger present. Risk of Injury
  • C2 (Code 2): Potentially dangerous
  • FI (Further Investigation): Further investigation required without delay
  • C3 (Code 3): Improvement is recommended

Remedial work will be required for codes C1 and C2. The result of the report will be unsatisfactory for continued use.

No remedial work is needed for C3. Landlords do not have to carry out any remedial work, However, any recommended work improve work safety of electrical installation

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Registered Electrician prepare an Electrical Safety Certificate

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Is electrical safety report needed for new build or new installation?

Electrical safety checks new tenancy

No, an Electrical Installation Certificate or known EIC is issued for full rewire or new builds as a requirement of wiring regulations BS7671 and Building Regulation Part P.

Landlords hand over a copy of EIC to the legal occupier and local authorities, if it is requested.

No further safety checks are needed for 5 years from the issue date of EIC certificate.

What does landlord do if the electrical safety report indicates corrective works ?

A landlord must complete remedial works within 28 days

The Corrective works need to be done by a registered electrician and a competent person must provide written confirmation for the work completed and the installation is satisfactory for continued use.

Written confirmation from a landlord must be handed to the tenant and local authority following remedial work completion. Call us to provide you Electrical Inspection Cost today

Fire Damage in the Electrical Consumer Unit

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You may get penalty if you are late

What if a tenant doesn`t let electrician in to do inspection ?

No one allowed except authorized one

Landlords must show that they have taken all reasonable action to comply with regulations

Landlords keep copies of all communications with tenants and electricians including emails, letters, messages, and appointment arrangements with tenant responses.

Landlords may provide other evidence that electrical installation is safe for continued use while they attempt to arrange reasonable steps to comply with regulations.

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What happens if the landlord doesn`t do repairs in the safety report ?

Local authorities may do the repairs by getting permission from the tenant. They arrange a qualified and competent person in writing to carry out repairs.

A tenant will be notified 48 hours before work is started by an arranged electrical contractor.

The cost of work will be requested by a landlord. Book your Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR certificate in london today!

Local Authorities may enforce the law

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You may get penalty if you are late

How much does an electrical safety certificate cost ?

The cost of electrical safety certificate

We do provide a free initial visual check to estimate the cost of repairs if there is any.

Faraday Engineering Limited provides you affordable prices for the landlord safety certificate which starts from £110.00 for a studio flat.

We offer Portable Appliance Testing as known PAT as well, It is recommended because it confirms safe to continued use of the electrical equipment that you supplied to tenants.

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