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Electrical Safety Certificates / EICR

Studio House / Flat                                                                                          £110.00

1 Bedroom House / Flat                                                                                  £120.00

2 Bedroom House / Flat                                                                                  £140.00

3 Bedroom House / Flat                                                                                  £160.00

4 Bedroom House / Flat                                                                                  £180.00

5 Bedroom House / Flat                                                                                  £210.00

Commercial                                                                                                      £25.00  (per circuit)

Our Prices

PAT / In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment

Fixed service charge                                                                                               £50.00

Up to 10 equipments                                                                                             £5.00 (per device)

Up to 20 equipments                                                                                             £4.00 (per device)

Up to 30 equipment                                                                                     £3.00  (per device)

Mon – Fri        8 am – 7 pm                                                                         £75.00  (First hour)

Mon – Fri        7 pm – 12 am                                                                               £120.00 (First hour)

Mon – Fri        12am – 7 am                                                                        £180.00 (First hour)

Weekend        8 am – 7 pm                                                                                 £90.00   (First hour)

Weekend        7 pm – 12 am                                                                              £120.00 (First hour)

Weekend        12 am – 7 am                                                                              £180.00 (First hour)

Please Note: If we have to use pay parking services and enter a location in the congestion charge zone, these will be added to the price are above.


The payment method that we do accept are :

# Cash

# Bank Transfer

# Cheque

# Credit / Debit Cards

Cards are excepted for the payment

Payments are expected via card reader

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